Kenney Mencher
Master of homoerotic softcore painting featuring bears, otters, and twinks. Former professor of art. 

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Twinks, Bears & Daddies
Regarding Women
Cute and Geeky

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Bear Like Me, watercolor and

 litho crayon on paper 8x10 inches 

Light and Dark Bears, 8 and a half x 11 inches 

Intensely Baggable Boy with Thick Dark Hair, 

oil on canvas panel 8x10 inches 

I Didn't Know Whether I Wanted to 

Have Him or Fight Him, oil on canvas panel 11x14 

Thick Hair, a Turtleneck and Beautiful Eyes, 

oil on canvas panel 8x10 inches 

Chisel Face, oil on canvas panel 8x10 inches

Great Quality Original Art at Prices that I Would Be Able to Afford
I'm a figurative artist who got fed up with the gallery scene when I realized I couldn't sell art at the prices I wanted to.
I try to make really well crafted work about the human figure and the human condition. 
Most of my work is about gay men and gay male culture however, I do make paintings of women and I like to focus on the kind of beauty for both men and women that is "non-standard." 
I'm always looking at unusual looking people and seeing the beauty in them.